Brand Junkie is revolutioning the brand fulfillment program for businesses around the globe. We offer advanced features in our online company stores that no other promotional provider can lay claim to, including:

Many of our competitors don't actually bother to invest in stocking the inventory that they offer in a company store. They order products on demand from third parties. Shoppers are then required to wait four to six weeks for delivery of these items, which those companies must order from a supplier and then have decorated elsewhere with your brand logo. Because we stock our warehouses with your company inventory - and decorate all of these products in our factory facilites - orders through our stores are processed immediately and shipped out in 5-7 business days. 

(Company Store Inventory)

No Minimums
Because we warehouse the inventory that is featured in your company store, we don't require minimums on any of our products. We will happily ship one cap... or two thousand. Our competitors often require these minimums for the same reason that they take weeks to ship. At Brand Junkie, we are confident enough in our quality apparel, headwear, leisure, travel and golf products, to make this significant up front investment in your inventory, which translates to convenience and confidence for the shoppers in your online store.

(Our In House Embroidery Equipment)

Selection, Quality & Value
We hunt the globe for the highest quality products for our stores. From famous makers like Cutter & Buck, Lacoste, Nike and Adidas, to manufacturers of truly unique items that you won't find anywhere else. And in the event that we don't offer an item that perfectly suits your day to day needs, or your company is on the hunt for a special promotion for an event, we give you full access to search products from our most trusted suppliers. Under our <Product Catalogs> tab, we allow the shopper unparalelled access to exclusive proprietary lines, offered by manufacturers with whom we enjoy a stellar working relationship and heartily endorse. And becasue we then embroider, screenprint and laser engrave these products in our own factory facilites... we traditionally beat these suppliers' suggested retail prices by 20-30%.

The Bottom Line
We maintain the honor of working with world class companies because we design and create our own products, in our own factories, using highly skilled craftsmen that genuinely strive for a standard of excellence that is unequaled in the industry. Unlike the majority of promotional suppliers, we are a full-service promotional factory, not just a middleman. We design it, we personalize it... and we proudly stand behind every single product.